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In this section we are going to discuss some of the most common foot conditions that we encounter in Brennans, including some background information and what advice we would give to manage and/or treat each of these conditions.


Verrucas are a type of warts that are usually found at the sole of the foot. They appear as small flat white growths that sometimes have black dots at their centres. Verrucas can sometimes be painful when pressure is applied to the sole of the foot. They are easily contracted after contact with contaminated surfaces or water; such as at changing rooms or swimming pools.

Treatments for warts and verrucas are available at all Brennans pharmacies, such as Scholl Freeze Verruca or Salactol Collodion Wart Paint.

Athletes Foot

Athletes foot is a common fungal infection that appears as white or red, flaky skin that can be quite itchy. It can occur at any age but it is most common in teenagers. Simple measures can be taken to help prevent the spread of this fungal infections such as; properly drying feet after showering, not sharing towels with other people, wear cotton socks and wear flip flops in communal spaces.

A recommended treatment available at Brennans pharmacies would be Lamisil Once cream, this is a once daily application that is proven to be very effective at killing fungal infections.


Corns are generally found in between the toes and appears as a small circle of thick skin. They are usually caused by excessive friction caused by ill-fitting footwear. Corns can cause discomfort and even in some cases quite a lot of pain. Come in to your local Brennans pharmacy today to get advice on the range of corn treatments we have in store.


Blisters are another common cause of foot discomfort and pain. They are usually caused by socks or shoes that are ill fitting. Scholl party feet are a great product available at Brennans pharmacies to help prevent the development of blisters. If you are seeking treatment for blisters, Compeed blister patches are a great as they cushion the area and help to relieve pressure. They stay on for several days in order to allow time for the blister to heal.

General footcare tips

These tips from the College of Podiatry will keep your feet in good condition and help prevent problems.

  1. Wash your feet everyday – Washing your feet in warm soapy water each day is the key to keeping your feet clean and healthy. However, it is important not to soak your feet, as this can destroy your skin’s natural oils.
  2. Making sure to thoroughly dry your feet after washing them, particularly between toes can help to prevent fungal infections such as athletes’ foot from developing.
  3. Moisturising your feet after drying and removing hard skin with either a foot file or pumice stone can help with any discomfort associated with calluses.
  4. Carefully trimming toenails straight across, instead of at an angle down the sides can help to prevent the development of ingrown toenails.
  5. If you are shoe shopping, it is best to do so in the afternoon. Your feet swell throughout the day, and so by shopping in the afternoon you can be confident that any shoes you buy will always be comfortable.
  6. Change socks daily to avoid foot odour – As well as changing your socks regularly, wear socks made of cotton, wool or bamboo.
  7. Protect your feet in communal areas such as swimming pools – wearing flip flops or swim socks can prevent the spread of verrucas and athletes foot.

If you are experiencing any discomfort with your feet and need advice, don’t hesitate to speak to the Pharmacist in any of our stores. At Brennans, we’re here for you.

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