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Tackling cold and flu at home

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Beat Winter Bugs with Brennans Pharmacy

As we enter into the festive season and the early months of the New Year, it will come as no surprise to anyone that common colds and flu-like symptoms are the most common reasons for needing pharmacy advice and products. Used correctly, along with other simple common sense measures, they can certainly help to relieve symptoms and aid recovery as quickly as possible. 

Firstly, if you have symptoms that could possibly indicate Covid 19, please isolate, contact your GP and arrange a PCR test. For a full list of symptoms and all up to date information relating to Covid 19, please see www.hse.ie

Apart from Covid 19, many other seasonal bugs and viruses are also circulating in our communities- just as they would every year. It is also possible that since we have been living in more isolated and protected circumstances for the past couple of years, we may also have a little less immunity built up against these other common illnesses. 

So when a sore throat, blocked nose, congestion or headaches strike-it helps to be prepared and follow some simple advice. 


Your body needs rest to recover and energy to put towards physical recovery. The days of ‘suffering through it’ and still going to work are well and truly gone so if you are feeling sick-stay at home!


Make sure to increase and maintain your fluid intake. Do this by drinking water, clear broths, juices or maybe warm lemon water. Caffeinated and fizzy drinks and alcohol should be avoided as they can worsen dehydration. 


There is a wide range of supplements and vitamins that you can take to help support your immune system. 

For example, Emergen-C sachets contain Vitamin C and zinc to support immunity along with a range of B vitamins which help maintain energy levels. See our current offer of two boxes for €9 here (link)

Relieve Pain

Symptoms of seasonal illness can be very effectively managed with over the counter paracetamol or ibuprofen products. Always read the label and take medications as directed.

Stay Comfortable

Warm comfortable clothing and a hot water bottle can really help to ease aches and pains. Saline nasal sprays can reduce nasal or sinus congestion and lozenges can soothe a sore throat. 

Basic measures really are the bottom line when it comes to treating winter bugs, so remember to wash your hands and take it easy!

If you need anything from your local Brennan’s Pharmacy, we are always here to help.

If you are unwell, please ask someone to come in to any of our stores on your behalf, or if this is not possible phone your local Brennan’s to make alternative arrangements

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