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“Tampax Compak Pearl Super Plus Tampons Applicator Womens Leak Protection 18 Pack. Comfort and protection. Combination Tampax’s comfort protection and discretion. Expands to fit your body shape for worry-free protection. Smooth applicator. Protection and Discretion: Compak Pearl Super Plus Tampax Compak Pearl Super Plus tampons give you the protection of a full-size Pearl tampon in a more compact form thanks to its extendable applicator with anti-slip grip. With Compak Pearl’s FormFit the tampon gently expands to fit your body’s shape and the LeakGuard braid helps prevent leaks. With wrappers that are silent to open they are your solution for on-the-go discretion. Your period’s flow varies from day to day; Tampax Compak Pearl Super Plus tampons are for heavier flow days. Compak Pearl features and benefits FormFit. The tampon gently expands once inserted to fit your body’s shape for full protection. LeakGuard braid. The braid not only helps you easily pull out the tampon when removing but also provides added backup protection to help prevent leaks. SmoothTouch applicator. The applicator features a smooth rounded tip and anti-slip grip for easy and comfortable insertion. Discreet in pocket. The colourful wrapper opens easily and quietly for discretion and is purse resistant so you can always have one with you for on the go. MPN: 690498 EAN: 4015400690498”

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