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Senokot Senna Constipation Relief – 20 Tablets. Senokot effectively relieves constipation over night.Constipation can cause discomfort tightness and pain in the body. You can relieve constipation with the use of Senokot tablets. Senokot 7.5mg tablets are designed to naturally relieve the symptoms associated with constipation including straining blockages and bloating.Fast working reliefSenokot takes approx.. 8 hours to work. It is best to take a Senokot tablet before bedtime so that the medicine can work while you sleep. Ensure to drink plenty of liquids (minimum 2 litres a day) when you are taking Senokot so it aids the movement. You may experience some abdominal cramps or pain as Senokot attempts to relieve your symptoms.DosageSenokot should only be used by adults. Dosage: 2-4 tablets.What is Senokot?Senokot is a natural laxative that derives from Senna. This is a natural product used to treat constipation. Senokot works by activating the bowel tissues which results in bowel movement and aids the discomfort of constipation.KEEP ALL MEDICINES OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN.ALWAYS READ THE PATIENT LEAFLET BEFORE TAKING THIS MEDICATION.

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