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Oral-B Essential floss provides advanced flossing action for a fresh, clean feeling in your mouth. Brushing alone can’t get to all the hard-to-reach places where plaque builds up. But Oral-B Essentialfloss can. This unwaxed floss hosts a two-layered design that provides superior strength and comfort and with its shred-resistant texture it slides easily between your teeth and below the gumline. It helps clean the tough-to-get plaque away. Used morning or evening when you brush. Essentialfloss helps your gums and your teeth stay healthy. Features: Cleans where your brush can’t reach, Comfortable to handle, even when wet, Satin-like finish is gentle on gums and fingers for your comfort, Shred-resistant. Easy to insert, so you can reach even the tightest spots, Unwaxed.

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