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March is National No Smoking Month 

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  • Brennans Pharmacy is always here to support you on your quit journey, especially this March, as part of this years ‘No Smoking Month’ initiative. We are offering lots of discounts on nicotine replacement products to help you quit for good.

    Did you know

    Smoking in Ireland is a significant problem today and a major health threat. According to the HSE, approximately 6,000 people die each year due to smoking in Ireland, while many more suffer from smoking-related conditions. While lung cancer, strokes, and heart attacks are well-known risks, many smokers are unaware of the numerous other consequences of this dangerous habit.


    We are here to help you

    Around two-thirds of smokers wish to quit, and those who use Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) with specialist support are four times more likely to succeed. Here at Brennans Pharmacy, we want to help you!

    The majority of nicotine products are available in a variety of strengths and flavours to accommodate different preferences. We offer NRT in the form of:



    Nicotine patches deliver a specified amount of nicotine via the skin. Nicotine levels in your patches will progressively decrease over the course of several weeks. This aids in the process of weaning yourself off nicotine, the addictive component in cigarettes. Nicotine patches are accessible without a prescription. If you have a medical card, you can visit your local doctor for a prescription and receive free nicotine patches.



    A nicotine inhaler, often known as an inhalator, resembles a cigarette in appearance. It comes with a mouthpiece and nicotine cartridges. This is a rapid-acting kind of nicotine replacement therapy that may be used in conjunction with nicotine patches. You inhale nicotine into your body when you use one. Inhalers are beneficial if you miss the routine and experience of smoking. They can assist in substituting for the physical act of smoking.



    Nicotine gum is a drug that falls under the category of smoking cessation aids. It works by supplying nicotine to the body in order to alleviate withdrawal symptoms associated with quitting smoking and to act as a substitute oral activity in order to diminish the impulse to smoke.


    Lozenges and Mints

    Nicotine lozenges are a sweet-tasting nicotine replacement treatment (NRT). They are often available in a variety of strengths. Lozenges are similar to nicotine gum in action. These are a type of rapid-acting nicotine replacement therapy that can be used in conjunction with nicotine patches.



    Nicotine is rapidly absorbed into the body via a nicotine mouth spray. When the impulse to smoke strikes, use one to two sprays. Each spray contains one milligram of nicotine. This is a rapid-acting kind of nicotine replacement therapy that may be used in conjunction with nicotine patches.


    These products differ in their effectiveness, so consult one of our team members for guidance on which one is right for you. One of these products could be the help that you need to quit!


    Special Offers

    This month we are offering many popular remedies at a reduced price to help our customers tackle the problem of smoking.

    Nicorette cools 4mg lozenge 80 pack was €27.95 now €21.95

    Nicorette cools 2mg lozenge 80 pack was €21.95 now €16.95

    Nicorette quickmist spray duopack was €39.95 now €31.95

    Nicorette 4mg chewing gum 30 pack was €19.95 now €11.95

    Nicotinell cool mint 2mg chewing gum 24 pack was €6.95 now €5.50

    Nicotinell cool mint 4mg chewing gum 24 pack was €8.00 now €6.50


    What to expect when you decide to stop smoking?

    • After three days, breathing becomes more effortless and energy levels rise.
    • After one month, both the look of the skin and the blood circulation improves.
    • After nine months, coughing, wheezing, and breathing difficulties improve, while lung function increases by up to 10%.
    • After one year, the chance of having a heart attack is around half that of a smoker.
    • After ten years, the chance of developing lung cancer is approximately half that of a smoker.
    • After 15 years, the risk of heart attack reverts to that of a non-smoker.
    • Additionally, it can save an individual over €4,000 per year if they smoke twenty cigarettes each day.

    At Brennans Pharmacy, we are experts who can support those trying to quit smoking in Ireland as you make the change for good.

    Check out our Quit Smoking Service for more information.

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